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Charles Gichane

Hello, I'm Charles Gichane and I'm the founder of


My name is Charles Gichane

My goal is to become a successful independent freelance journalist covering stories that reflect issues that I'm passionate about.

Being born in Kenya yet having lived the majority of my life in Canada and the United States has allowed me to expand my view of the world, while giving me opportunities in educational advancement that would have been harder to achieve while in Africa.

Although I'm grateful for my experiences in North America, I came to the realization a long time ago that the greatest good I can do with my skills and talents is to aid other Africans who seek to have a voice in the media and business world; a world strictly regulated and monitored by dictatorship governments ruling the developing continent.

As a journalist, my responsibility is to tell their stories through a positive lens and not through the lens of the international media, which often chooses to focus on the negative aspects of Africa such as warfare, crime, disease, and corruption. Although many of these issues exist in Africa, I've also been overjoyed to realize that the spirit of human beings transcends such negative circumstances, as people in Kenya have proved to be warmhearted, loving, kind, and generous citizens in the midst of such dire environments.

My ultimate career goal is to develop a media company, which I've named "Positive Press Agency", highlighting the good taking place around the world, in hopes of changing the global perception of the country/continent. "Positive Press Agency" would use media in the form of radio, print, television, films, online websites, and traditional African orature (theater, plays, spoken word, etc) to provide a platform for the great thingspeople are doing to better their communities in order to contribute positive change.

I live by the following quotes:

-> A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

-> To teach is to learn twice.

Charles Gichane's Background

Charles Gichane's Experience

Producer at Time Warner Cable News

September 2013 - Present | Syracuse, NY

Clerical Assistant at Syracuse University Slutzker Center

May 2011 - August 2011

Teacher's Aide at YWCA Syracuse and Onondaga County

February 2011 - May 2011

WSYR Reporter/Anchor at Channel Communications Inc

May 2010 - September 2010

Delivery Driver at Removable Dental Prosthesis, Inc

May 2010 - September 2010

Office Assistant at SU's African American Studies Department

September 2007 - May 2010

Multimedia/Research Intern at WCNY

June 2009 - August 2009

Tutor at Say Yes to Education

May 2009 - August 2009

Tutor at Syracuse Literacy Corps

June 2008 - September 2008

Delivery Driver, Cashier, Maintenance, Customer Service at Subway Restaurant

June 2007 - July 2008

Cashier, Maintenance, Customer Service at Sandwich ArtistSyracuse University Shaw Dining Hall

September 2006 - May 2007

Cashier, Maintenance, Customer Service at McDonalds Restaurant

September 2005 - December 2006

Delivery worker at Palladium Times

December 2004 - August 2005

Business Reporter and Anchor at CapitalFM

January 2012

Charles Gichane's Education

Syracuse University

2006 – 2010

S.I. Newhouse School

Charles Gichane's Interests & Activities

Reading, Basketball, Writing, Music (Hip Hop), Love, Faith, Inspirational Movies, Technology, Positive Thinking, Service

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